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Founded in 1959 from the intuition and passion of Mr. Renato, the company produces and develops customized flexible packaging solutions in the food sector and has become a solid and dynamic reality of reference in the packaging sector both nationally and internationally.

Today, the third generation of the Lusa family is also operational and carries on a ‘heritage’ of values ​​to be preserved and handed down with competence, passion and professionalism.

The continuous attention to technological innovation, with particular regard to the theme of eco-sustainability, has always characterized the company.

This innovative spirit is also present thanks to the close partnership with customers belonging to the various packaging sectors such as fresh food, fruit and vegetables, frozen foods, baked goods, confectionery, modified atmosphere, vacuum and no food.

Renato Lusa srl carries out its business by applying internally all the requested processes of the most important certifications. Every single phase of the production process is subject to constant and rigorous quality controls, implemented in a system for the correct traceability of the various production stages.

The company has always grown over the years and today its staff consists of about 100 employees distributed in a production site of 15,000 square meters which insists on a total area of ​​over 45,000 square meters in several plants located in the territory of the Municipality of Massa. Lombarda, in the Province of Ravenna.

“…we produce packaging that respects the enviroment”


employees employed within Renato Lusa

15000 sqm

production premises

45000 sqm

area extension

70 years

of experience

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