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the set of strategies and methodologies aimed at recovering useful materials from waste in order to reuse them rather than dispose of them.

We have developed various single-component, coextruded and laminated films with high physical / mechanical performance, designed and customized for each type of product and packaging machine.


in particular our PAPER packaging, made from organic and renewable sources, gives a natural and artisanal feeling to the packaging.

These materials are suitable for the packaging of fruit and vegetable food products, snacks and baked goods, fresh pasta and frozen products.


implies that biodegradation occurs under particular conditions associated with the composting process. The compostable films we produce have characteristics that in many respects are comparable if not better to classic polymeric films such as heat sealing, controlled slipperiness and great resistance.

Our films from BIO-COMPOSTABLE raw materials are certified and suitable for food contact.

Frozen foods
Fruit and vegetable
Bakery products
Snack and confectionery
MAP – Barrier and Vacuum
Pet food
Industry in general
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