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The 3 phases of the production process

Renato Lusa designs and manufactures flexible plastic packaging with customized prints for the packaging of food products.

This configuration allows Renato Lusa to follow each production step, from the raw material in granular form to the creation of the final product requested by the customer.


Starting from the raw material in granular form, monolayer and multilayer films are produced:

in fact, there are co-extruders that allow the creation of multi-layer sheets with specific characteristics aimed at satisfying the needs of customers, such as for example the machinability of the product, mechanical resistance, sealability, gas barrier, etc. The extruders and co-extruders are also equipped with sensors for the continuous control of the various production parameters, such as thickness, guaranteeing high quality standards.


We customize our films with high quality prints up to 10 colors both flexographic and rotogravure technologies:

the Company, through a policy of constant investments, has installed increasingly technologically advanced printing machines, which allow to reach high production quality standards and at the same time reduce set-up times, both in flexography and in rotogravure, guaranteeing production flexibility able to respond to all market needs.


Where the final processes are carried out, such as lamination of two or more solvent or solventless plastic films, cutting, welding, etc. In this department there has also been a constant commitment to the renewal of the machinery used, with a view to maintaining and improving the quality standard of the finished product.

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